About the company

    Triada-TV is a private owned company, established in 1992 in Novosibirsk by a group of radio-electronic engineers and scientists specialized in research, development and design of modern digital TV and VHF/FM broadcasting systems. Located in the third largest city of Russia about 30 well-educated electrical and mechanical design engineers paw the way for new technologies and innovation. In partnership with Novosibirsk State Technical University Triada-TV continuously enforces its scientific strengths. Engineers and Doctors of science research and develop tailor made broadcast solutions for our customer’s needs. The production is organized in a new building with more than 7.000 square meters, modern machinery and a highly motivated staff allows an economic production in highest quality. The whole company with all processes is certified after ISO 9001 Quality standard. In the last years Triada-TV became the main provider for digital TV equipment in Russia with thousands of successful installations.

    Combining innovative technologies with reliable and proven manufacturing methods Triada-TV instantly develops and enhances product line of transmitting equipment with more efficient ones. The breakthrough results of this scientifically based approach brought us to the design of ECO series DVB-T2 transmitters.

    We have a long experience in RF amplifying systems design which is also applied in medical, industrial and research facilities besides broadcasting. Our expertise here includes stand-alone powerful amplifying stations to be used in the domain of nuclear physics (particles accelerators) and advanced medicine technologies (CT scanners). Our technology base extends across the entire field of RF transmission. We maintain and improve such activity priorities as research and development, advanced technologies integration and high quality systems along with excellent reliability and performance over the whole lifetime.

    Highly skilled young engineering team of Triada-TV is the heart and driving engine of the factory, its research and manufacturing process. Training classes attended by work staff help us to be thinking ahead and properly reacting to the constant changes and progress in broadcasting technology.

    Triada-TV does its best to be a company seeking to inspire the next generation of tech engineers thus unlocking the talent of young people. We have a keen interest to demonstrate how telecommunications engineering changes the world. It should no longer be an invisible industry for young talents! For us, it’s about highlighting that engineering is an interesting, creative and above all fulfilling career. It’s about breaking the stereotype that engineering is just ‘fixing things’ and emphasizing the creativity of design.

    Our concern as a manufacturer of telecommunications and broadcasting equipment is the well-being of mankind communication and information sharing. We do realize this responsibility, which in turn gives fundamentals for the planning and operation of manufacturing process. We actively pay attention to ensuring that our manufacturing methods are compatible with the environment and do no unnecessary harm. This self-imposed commitment also includes creating the best and safest work-environment for our employees.

Your questions can be asked on info@triadatv.ru